How long can cats go without food?

Cats are often fastidious about their food, and it can be challenging to know what a cat will or won’t eat. But sometimes they’ll go without eating for long periods. And when that happens, the cat’s health can suffer. Learn how long cats can go without eating in this blog post.

How many days can a cat go without eating?

Cats, like humans, need food to keep them alive. Cats can survive for up to two weeks without eating if they have access to at least one source of water and it is not hot outside then; there are chances that they can live for up to two weeks. But this doesn’t mean your furry friend will be happy living hungry all those days.

Cats are tiny predators that conserve energy the same way humans do, and when they go longer than three days without eating, their fat reserves will kick in. Cats have a unique system in their body that allows them to utilize protein for energy.

Cats are a little different from humans. Cats don’t have the same food restrictions we do, and when they’re not eating meat for several days – their livers can get overwhelmed with fat reserves that won’t break down properly, causing them to turn brown or even die.

Cats need a constant supply of food to maintain their health and quality of life. They should not be left very long without fresh food. The recommended daily diet for your cat includes both dry foods and moistened canned or yummy organic foods.


Cats are great at being able to go for longer periods of time without eating. They can usually last 7-14 days. If your cat starts acting abnormally or you notice any other concerning behaviors after this period, it’s best to take them to see a veterinarian right away.