When do cats stop growing?

Cats stop growing mostly at the age of one year. Their growth starts in the womb of their mother and continues till they achieve their full size. Growth refers to the increase in the size of the organ till it reaches its maturity. The organ is fully functional at maturity and does not require any further increase in size to carry out its due functions. You can see your cat growing continuously from her birth till she reaches its full size and maturity. Now the question arises that when do cats stop growing? Do they stop in six months, a year, two years, or do they never stop growing?

The answer to this question is pretty simple; you can observe this transition in any species. Cats stop growing when they reach their full size and maturity, and this time period differs for different breeds of cats. Small cats achieve their full size in a short time than larger ones. Larger cats need more time to reach full size and maturity. However, this period varies between one year to two years. Smaller cats stop growing in twelve months, while larger cats can extend this time till twenty-four months.

Factors that affect growth


Some factors affect the time of growth, and the topmost among them is nutrition. Most of the time, pet owners get to free-feed their kitten after weaning. It increases the chance that your cat will eat how much she wants. It covers the ignorance of pet owners about the nutritional needs of their cats. If a cat does not eat up to her requirements, she will not grow normally; instead, the growth rate will decrease. Therefore, balanced nutrition up to the requirement is essential for the cat to grow and gain weight typically. Otherwise, the growth period of the cat will be extended than normal.


If you provide your cat with enough nutrition, there are still chances that your cat can extend her growth period. Stress can be the other main factor for extending the growth period. Your cat can suffer the stress of disease, low nutrition, high activity, separation, etc. therefore, the health and wellbeing of your cat is essential for her to grow normally and gain normal weight.


Your cat can achieve her required weight before the expected time if she eats more than the required amount of nutrition. If your cat’s activity is decreased and she continues eating more than the required amount of food, she gains more weight in less time.