Why do cats make biscuits?

Recognize this: your cat lays back on your lap and then begins to knead into the pillow (or your legs!). He or she puts his or her feet into a blanket or pillow with outstretched paws. Very cute, but why do cats do this anyway?

This phenomenon is also called kneading. They don’t do this to sharpen their nails or anything, but why?

Cats knead from an early age. This starts when a kitten is lying at its mother’s breast drinking to get more milk. Adult cats, however, still knead often. They do this to seek comfort and nurturing. So they are comfortable with you, but still want a little more attention.

Cats also knead often to mark out their territory. Your cat’s paws give off a scent on the blanket or pillow. This way they make the item smell like themselves so other cats will ignore it.