Why don’t cats like cucumbers?

Cats and cucumbers. It’s a classic combination that has been discussed for decades. We often hear stories of cats being startled by the sight of cucumbers, or even running away from them. But why don’t cats like cucumbers? To start with, it’s important to note that cats have strong senses of smell and sight, both … Read more

How to stop cats from fighting?

If you have multiple cats at home, it is likely that you have witnessed a cat fight at least once. Cat fights can be quite dramatic; they involve hissing, swatting, and even biting. It may be tempting to step in and separate the cats, but breaking up a fight can be dangerous. It is important … Read more

How long are cats in labor?

Cats are beloved household pets, and their pregnancies can be an exciting time for their owners. But how long is a cat in labor? The answer depends on a few factors, as every cat and pregnancy is different. On average, a cat’s labor can last anywhere from 12 to 24 hours, or even longer in … Read more

What is mange in cats?

Mange in cats is a skin condition caused by tiny parasites that live on the surface of their skin. These parasites are known as mites and they cause intense itching, redness and inflammation of the skin. In severe cases, mange can even lead to hair loss and secondary infections. In cats, the two most common … Read more

Why do cats eyes glow?

Cats have an enigmatic quality that has intrigued humans for centuries – their eyes glow in the dark. This strange phenomenon has captivated people, and many have tried to explain why cats’ eyes glow in the dark. When cats’ eyes are exposed to light, a layer of cells at the back of their eyes called … Read more

How many claws do cats have?

Cats are one of the most beloved household pets, with their unique personalities and habits that endear them to their owners. Perhaps one of the most distinctive features of cats is their claws. Although they use them for a variety of purposes, the question remains: How many claws do cats have? The answer is that … Read more

Why do cats not like water?

If you’ve ever seen your cat take a dip in the pool or a bathtub, you’ve probably noticed that cats don’t seem to like water very much. While it’s true that cats do not enjoy water as much as some other animals, there are a few common explanations for why cats don’t like water. The … Read more

Why do cats eat plastic?

Cats and plastic are two things that don’t seem to go together, but in reality, cats eating plastic is a common problem. While it may seem strange at first glance, there are actually some logical explanations for why cats eat plastic. The most common reason cats eat plastic is because of nutrient deficiencies. Cats need … Read more

How many breeds of cats are there?

When it comes to cats, there are so many breeds to choose from. It can be hard to keep track of them all. So, just how many breeds of cats are there? The answer is that it depends. According to The International Cat Association (TICA), there are currently 71 recognized cat breeds, with each breed … Read more

How intelligent are cats?

Cats are often seen as mysterious and aloof creatures, which leads many people to wonder how intelligent they really are. While cats may not be as intelligent as humans, they are far from dumb. In fact, cats are remarkably clever creatures that can learn and remember complex behaviors, solve puzzles, and even understand human emotion. … Read more