What colors can cats see?

It’s no secret that pets have a different perspective on the world than humans, and their senses are often heightened. One of these differences is in color vision: cats can see colors we can’t even imagine! This blog post will explore what colors your cat sees and how that impacts its view of the world.

Do cats see colors?

Cats don’t have the capability to perceive color in rich, vibrant tones. This is because they are said to lack up-spectrum sensitivity, which means that their pigment cells responsible for producing colors at differing light frequencies cannot be distinguished by their retinas as well.

Cats can see color in strange new ways. Cats have two different kinds of cones that detect yellow-green and blue-violet light, but they cannot perceive red-orange colors. So researchers think that cats can see those colors that fall in the category of these colors, but some scientists think cats can also see some shades of green. But cats are unable to distinguish red color.

Cats have been known to see different colors, which helps them survive in the wild. Their ability to see some colors more accurately can help them distinguish between predators that are stalking prey and edible plants during their hunt for dinner. This ability would otherwise leave them vulnerable in the wild.

A common saying is that if you want your cat to play with something, put it in the color they prefer. If red is not on their list of favorite things, then yellow and blue will be way more interesting.


What colors cats see with their eyes is a common question. Cats have a great vision that we don’t fully understand yet. However, cats can see colors, but they don’t have the same color vision as humans. Their eyes are less sensitive to light, and their retinas lack a cone cell necessary for perceiving reds and greens.